Volume 2 No.3: (March, 2002)
The Heart Of Phnom Penh

Back in 1372, Phnom Penh was a nameless and sparsely inhabited place. It was merely a level piece of land to the west of what was then called Tonle Chab Chheam, or River of Blood perhaps because of th... Read More.

The Story of Prahok

Ly Dara watches the catch he has just bought grind its way through the crushing machines at a little shop in Kilometer 11, north of Phnom Penh. Once a soldier, Ly Dara's whole business centers on this... Read More.

Festival Of The Harvest

Every year in almost every village in Cambodia, a special festival marks the end of a season of hard work. This is the Darlien or Sdarlien Festival-the Festival of the Harvest. Da, more formally, or S... Read More.

The Magic of Pahee

There's excitement in the air at the small park near Naga Casino on the Phnom Penh riverfront. A drum is beating, and without any further announcement, people flock from everywhere. The Pahee are here... Read More.

Legend of Phnom kirirom

Before King Monivong renamed the beautiful national park area in Kompong Speu Province Kirirom (Happy Mountain) during the 1930's, the place had a different, older name, Phnom Vorvong Sorvong, and the... Read More.

Kompong Speu - Mountains and F...

Kampong Speu, west of Phnom Penh and almost on the capital's doorstep, is a province often overlooked, but an ideal place to get off the beaten track. Speu is the Khmer word for starfruit, but Kampong... Read More.


AUSSIE WINE BAR OPENS Phnom Penh now has its first wine bar, with the opening of Rubies, at the corner of streets 19 and 240, near the southwest corner of the Royal Palace. The idea was the brainchil... Read More.


When we think of the hospitality industry, we almost always think of hotels and restaurants. But the term has a much broader meaning. What is hospitality? Ask fifty people to explain this and you are ... Read More.


People have always had addictions. The newest, for city folk at least, is probably the most insidious. That's right. It's the ever-present, disarmingly innocuous Internet. So how do you tell if you ar... Read More.