Volume 3 No.4: (April, 2003)
Flora - Alongside the Riverban...

At the heart of Cambodia, Phnom Penh is changing its appearance and climate of security to attract more visitors. Its newly appointed governor Kep Chutema, who took office in late February, has acknow... Read More.

Palm Vinegar Enterprise

Palm trees rule. At least in the countryside, where a group of resourceful students have recognized that the leafy trees are valuable sources of food and money. Having discovered that there are riches... Read More.

Evening In Phnom Penh

While tired bargain hunters may think they've exhausted all their shopping possibilities by nightfall, a cluster of night vendors working outside Orussey Market may change their mind. At the end of a ... Read More.

Games Khmer Play on Khmer New ...

Cambodia is home to a variety of games played to transform the dullest days into a memorable occasion. Through-out the Khmer New Year, street corners often are crowded with friends and families enjoyi... Read More.

Khmer Goldsmith

Gold is a symbol of prosperity for those who wear it. But for those who transform the metal into a work of art, it is a symbol of pride. Jewelry-making is not a large industry in Cambodia, yet people ... Read More.

Message from Chairman of Child...

Dear Friends, May I join my Minister, H.E. Veng Sereyvuth, Senior Minister, Minister of Tourism, in welcoming all guests and tourists to our wonderful nation. The Royal Government of Cambodia has off... Read More.

World Amusement Center - KIEN ...

Cambodia on the weekend is a slow train chugging up a steep hill. Slow. Rest and relaxation are marked as goals to be achieved, and work is a vision of what was and what will be. Anyone who has w... Read More.

The Cambodian Spirit

It is Srey Yaputhsavdy’s propensity to preserve the past. The 47 year-old head of the Mores and Custom Mission department in Phnom Penh's Buddhist Institute assumed his post because he knew it w... Read More.

What's Up

Cambodia's history with the Khmer Rouge entered a new chapter in March as the government and the United Nation’s head negotiator Hans Correll reached a draft agreement on the trial of former Khm... Read More.

Khmer Sour Soup

Cambodian cuisine may not be renowned worldwide, but its in-country following is well-established and unwavering. With accents from Vietnamese and Chinese food, Khmer dishes appeal to a diverse array ... Read More.


Visiting historic and cultural sites is one of the most popular activities today. Families, seniors, groups, and even international visitors choose to frequent historic attractions when on vacation. A... Read More.

What's The Doctor Says

The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, an atypical pneumonia like illness that has sickened more than 1500 people and killed 54 others throughout Asia and Canada has not made it’s way to Cambodi... Read More.

Words Overheard

This interview is condensed from two conversations Philip Roth had with author Milan Kundera in November 1980 after reading a translated manuscript of his "Book of Laughter and Forgetting. " PR: Laug... Read More.