Volume 1 No.2: (June, 2001)
Souvenir Buying

Souvenirs. In Cambodia, the choice seems endless. How can you decide? Where should you go? From woodcarvings to silverware, paintings of the magnificent Angkor Wat Temple or statuettes of Cambodia's ... Read More.

The Elephant of Wat Phnom

At Wat Phnom there is a congenial and ancient mode of transportation guaranteed to make any tourist feel majestic. An elephant ride around the picturesque Wat Phnom, far above the madness of speeding ... Read More.

Routes To Cambodia

For those seeking to really sample the exotic, the Temples of Angkor and the Cambodian way of life are perfect ingredients for your palate. Besides traveling by air, there are other routes to take int... Read More.

Travel Planners Meet

The number of tourists arriving in Cambodia could increase by as much as 25 to 30 percent each year over the next two years at least, officials and tourism experts at an annual Cambodian Ministry of T... Read More.

Khmer Prognostications

Although there are various other scientific methods to forecast the weather and to determine harvests, Cambodians have their methods to foretell the future. Through traditional rituals that are often ... Read More.

Muan Ang & Bok Lahong

The craze for grilled chicken with papaya salad is now sweeping Phnom Penh. Better known to the locals as Muan Ang and Bok Lahong, this combination is often served with steaming glutinous rice baked i... Read More.

Phnom Penh

PHNOM PENH Before or after visiting Siem Reap to the famous Angkor Wat, there are many 'must-sees' in the capital Phnom Penh. If you wish to explore new cultures, meet local people and enjoy local cu... Read More.

What's New

Television News Good News is in the air. The National Television of Kampuchea (TVK) has finally reached an agreement with all her provincial sub-stations to simultaneously broadcast all of the nation... Read More.

Native Language

A few days earlier, one of our office technicians was told to go and get a driver's license since he may be required to drive the delivery van occasionally. While helping the manager on a broken down ... Read More.