Volume 1 No.3: (Jul - Aug, 2001)
Festival Of Khmer Classical Ar...

Exquisite costumes and haunting music are the hallmarks of the ancient art of Khmer dance. Each intricate movement is the product of hundreds of years of evolution. The effect is unforgettable and aud... Read More.

Circus Games

In the sixties, Nuth Samony was one of Cambodia's greatest dancers. He was so outstanding that he was sent to Moscow, Russia for five years from 1966 to study at the Grand Theatre. Then the Pol Pot re... Read More.

Samlor KAKO, A Khmer Cuisine

To Khmers, food is the stuff of legends. But unless visitors to Cambodia stay with a Khmer family, they may never have the opportunity to taste real Khmer cuisine. Khmer families generally cook and ea... Read More.


Samlor kako is considered a special dish. It is different from other Khmer soups because of the mixture of meats and vegetables which go into making it. This soup is considered health-giving, due to t... Read More.

Hands-On In Cambodia

In the large airy room on Norodom Boulevard which houses one of Phnom Penh's most innovative therapeutic massage centers, Tath Nigah is limbering up for another day at work. New age music pipes softly... Read More.

Rahu Chab Chann

When the moon underwent a partial eclipse on July 5, you may not even have noticed. Many young Khmers, too, went on with their daily lives as if nothing was happening But for many older Cambodians, es... Read More.

SIHANOUKVILLE - Most Famous Be...

Sihanouk Ville Sihanoukville is Cambodia's most famous beach town. Better known as Kampong Som to locals, is about 230 km southwest of Phnom Penh and boasts the best beaches in the Kingdom. On week... Read More.

The Legend Of Samlor KAKO

Samlor Kako has become more than a soup to Cambodian people. Its complex flavors and long list of ingredients has seen it graduate into the realms of folklore. There are many slightly different versio... Read More.

What's New

Khambang Sibounheuang has never forgotten his roots. They are deep in the Laotian countryside. His family, he said, was very poor when he was growing up. He joined the army. Then the war in Vietnam a... Read More.

Memo from General Manager to M...

Protocol can be a two edged sword. Take the experience of one particular organization, the general manager of which is an ex-military man and a stickler for "proper channels". "Every piece of informat... Read More.