Volume 1 No.4: (September, 2001)
Rain Brings Hope and Joy

All over Cambodia, people's lives are ruled by rain. They wait and endure the long dry season, from late November through to scorching April, willing those first drops of water to fall from the sky. T... Read More.

Lost City Revisited

Hidden in jungle and almost inaccessible by road, a huge ruined temple rears out of the forest in remote Preah Vihear province in northern Cambodia. This is Prasat Prang, the jewel in the crown of thi... Read More.

Blessed Birds

They start arriving early in the morning near Wat Phnom and on the riverfront in front of the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh _ hawkers with large domed cages full of small birds. These people are not so d... Read More.

Phchum Ben Festival Of The Dea...

On the 15th day of the waxing moon during the tenth month of the Khmer calendar, called Pheaktrobotr, Cambodian Buddhists celebrate Bonn Pchum Ben _ the Festival of the Dead. This celebration usually ... Read More.

Camnet Takes On The World

Cambodia will take another huge stride forward in the race to compete in cyber space within a few months, when CamNet acquires wireless broadband access. CamNet is the first national Internet Service ... Read More.

The Legend Of Phnom BOREI PHNO...

Phnom Borei Phnom Da is located in Angkor Borei commune, Prey Kabbas district, Takeo Province. This legend tells why this structure and the temple above it came to be. Once upon a time a mighty king r... Read More.

TAKEO Province

TAKEO PROVINCE Is widely thought to be the birthplace of the Cambodian civilization As far back as the third century AD, Chinese traders described a kingdom located in modern Takeo they called Funan.... Read More.

What's New

Cultural Calendar Cultural events will come thick and fast for tourists and visitors to the kingdom from now until the first month of next year, according to the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts Cul... Read More.

What does Leisure mean?

To Khmers, leisure means many things. Two ways of describing Leisure for Khmers would be to enjoy or like doing something. To describe this in Khmer, we say kar sabbay or kar chaul chetr Another way o... Read More.

Thinking Straight

A group of friends were overheard laughing and having fun when the sound of laughter suddenly faded. Someone (who, incidentally, happened to be the only girl in the group) had come up with a problem n... Read More.