Volume 1 No.7: (December, 2001)
Pagoda Of Silver And Emerald

So many visitors think of Toul Sleng and the Killing Fields when they think of sights in Phnom Penh, but in the middle of the city there is a happier attraction, where the glories of Cambodia’s ... Read More.

Khmer Boxing

Khmer kick boxing, or ‘Khmer free boxing’ as some people refer to it, has become a popular televised spectator sport recently, and national station TVK is now getting into the act with a S... Read More.

The Fabric Of Culture

In Prey Kabash District, Takeo Province, the cavernous space under nearly every house shelters a loom, and silk threads of every color hang in skeins outside. Takeo was once a silk weaving center of C... Read More.

Fish Tales

Most of Cambodia's population depends on fish in some way. Fish is the main source of protein. Markets are filled with fish in every shape and form, from fresh to dried to fermented into the fish chee... Read More.

The Sweet Taste Of Tradition

When guests visit a Cambodian household, food is always at the center of festivities. And samlor, or soup, is integral to any meal. So it wasn't a very difficult decision for Ministry of Tourism offic... Read More.

The Legend Of Wat Norkor

A short drive outside of Kampong Cham Town, on the road to Phnom Penh, stands an ancient temple which has now been incorporated into a modern one. This is Wat Nokor, which was built in the 11th centur... Read More.


New Ferry Across the Tonle Sap A new free ferry service that helped thousands to cross back and forth across the Tonle Sap during Water Festival recently will continue and plans are in place to expan... Read More.


This sprawling township stretching lazily along the bank of the Mekong River has much to offer, from temples to deep forests of rubber plantations (a legacy of the French colonial period) to peaceful ... Read More.


Eco-tourism is a combination of two words _ ecology and tourism. Eco-tourism means travel to natural areas, specifically to seek understanding of the culture and history of the environment, taking car... Read More.

True love

In any relationship there is give and take, and some deception _ sometimes for the good of the relationship. This is a story of true love and one man's deception of his wife. One day, a boy still at c... Read More.