Volume 2 No.2: (February, 2002)
BAYON SMILES - Still a mystery

The smile of the four-faced Bayon has become a world-recognized symbol of Cambodia. The towering faces, reaching up to four meters in height, adorn the Bayon Temple at the exact center of Angkor Thom ... Read More.

An Uncommon Delicacy

In a country without one international fast food outlet, where can you go for a taste of fried chicken? When Khmers go looking for this sort of food, they often by-pass chicken altogether and go for c... Read More.

A Color For Each Day, A Day Fo...

Although city folks don't tend to observe the tradition as much any more, it is not unusual to attend a function and see all the women wearing the same color hols, phamuong and sarongs (types of skirt... Read More.

Women Drivers

There is chaos on the streets of Phnom Penh. Cyclos, bicycles, cars and pedestrians criss-cross each other on busy Sihanouk Boulevard in a blur of motion, cut for a second by a horse and cart jangling... Read More.

The Legend of CHUMTEAV MAO

Along National Route 3 in Kampot Province, on the way to Kep as you near Chakrei Ting District, a large mountain looms into view. This is Phnom Tvear (Door Mountain), and it is home to a famous neakta... Read More.

KEP - The Forgotten Resort

This tiny seaside hamlet is famous throughout Cambodia for its seafood. During Cambodia's golden years before 1970, this lush coastal region looking out over a myriad of islands was where the wealthy ... Read More.


Tele 2 has an earth station at Prek Ho in Kandal province and utilizes two satellite dishes and submarine fiber optic cables to reach a staggering 220 countries around the world. The Intercontinental ... Read More.


Travelers may be categorized in three ways domestic tourists, inbound tourists and outbound tourists according to the World Tourism Organization. So domestic tourism may be defined by two of these. Do... Read More.


There is sometimes more to be said for the quiet plodder who gets things done than the clever talker who starts things but never finishes them and lives off the generous spirits of others__especially ... Read More.