Volume 2 No.5: (May, 2002)
An Ancient Art Revived

It is not an art exhibition, but simply some stores set up along the highway by village sculptors in the province of Banteay Mean Chey to attract passing tourists. Except for the hard-core gambler, to... Read More.

Cambodian Football - Rising..F...

Cambodian football is rising from its war torn ashes with its National Football team under the leadership of Cambodian Football Federation president, Ravy Khek and German coach Joachim Fickert. ... Read More.

The Furniture Vine

At a busy intersection in bustling Phnom Penh, young women are standing on the sidewalk, polishing rattan chairs. They work at the cluster of shops here at the corner of Norodom and Sotheros boulevard... Read More.

Sampeah - Khmer Salutations

Sampeah, the Khmer traditional way of greeting one another, plays an important role in Cambodian society today. Consisting of five common postures--five styles of Sampeah, this tradition is one that h... Read More.

The legend of the cunning hare

Once there was a very cunning hare. He loved adventures and was always getting in and out of mischief, but he was so smart that the other animals respected him as the wisest of them all-to the point w... Read More.

Phnom Penh- The Capital City

Arriving in Phnom Penh for the first time, my friends and I were amazed that the city is actually a far cry from what we had imagined it to be. People are cheerful and the roads are not too bad. world... Read More.


Surfing Holidays in Cambodia Potential visitors to the Kingdom can now log on for information before they make the trip. The Ministry of Tourism launched its own website recently, and Internet surfer... Read More.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction is the fulfillment of a guest's wants and needs. Hotel guests expect security and a clean, comfortable room to sleep in. Restaurant patrons anticipate a ta... Read More.


We have heard many stories about people's ignorance and laughed at their innocence and so forth. Some of us may even have had the good fortune to encounter sidesplitting situations ourselves. Perhaps ... Read More.