Volume 2 No.6: (June, 2002)
DEUM TNORT - The Palm Tree of ...

The Palm Tree, known better in Khmer as Deum Tnort, is seen in every corner of Khmer territory. Some Khmer people believe that the Deum Tnort is symbol of the Khmer territorial border. ‘Where th... Read More.

THE KRAMA - A Versatile Khmer ...

While spending their leisure time in Cambodia, most visitors will not miss buying the "Kra-ma" (scarf) for wearing over their shoulders, folding round their necks or fastening their waists not just fo... Read More.

THE PNORNG - Traditions of A H...

The Pnorngs are one of the mountain tribes of Cambodia who live in the northeast of the country, especially in the province of Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri. They live in groups of about 2 to 5 families e... Read More.

Child's Play

Most people in Cambodia believe that child's play is simply part of growing up. Parents hardly even notice when kids are playing except when it becomes too noisy or boisterous. Spending too much time ... Read More.

Legend of Lake YEAH LAOM

Yeakh Laom in Khmer literally means surrounded by giants. In the Khmer language, Yeakh means giant(s) and Laom means to surround. Yeakh Laom Lake is located northeast of Cambodia in the district of Ba... Read More.

BATTAMBANG - The Lost Staff

103o 6 ' East 13 o 6" North - a mere dot on an atlas, however this provincial capital has seen a fair share of international attention. The province itself has been handed between France, Siam and Cam... Read More.


Cambodian Disabled Athletes Did Well in Malaysia Games A team of Cambodian disabled runners came back with 13 medals from the Area Para Games in Malaysia. Competing against contenders from nine other... Read More.


At a hospital, an old woman went into the doctor's consultation room and confessed to an embarrassing problem. "I have been suffering from flatulence these past week and I break wind uncontrollably al... Read More.

Phrase of the month

The Spirit of Hospitality Service falls outside the limits of the guest's expectation that it is deemed satisfactory or unsatisfactory. A Disappointing Experience. In an article published in The Corne... Read More.