Volume 2 No.7: (July, 2002)

Apsara in French, Theib Apsar (from the Sanskrit) or even Achara in Pali, they all refer to the beautiful girl with nice skin: the girl from paradise, the celestial dancer. Through Brahmanism, we le... Read More.

Ancient Healing Knowledge

While a lot of people all over the world are turning to modern medicine to treat diseases, why do some Cambodians still use Khmer traditional medicine? Is it because it is cheap and effective, or mere... Read More.

Houses Of Old

The ancient Khmer houses, to the untrained eye, are similar to those found in contemporary Cambodia. Traditionally they are aligned to face the East for prosperity and as a mark of respect for the sun... Read More.

Boon Choul Preah Vossa - A Bud...

he familiar sights of swathes of saffron and bright orange robes will be less common vista. While the rains establish their ancient routine the Sangha (the monastic community) prepare to retreat withi... Read More.

CHORNG KBIN - Khmer Style

A long time ago it was only men who wore Kbin whilst women were never seen wearing them. A Kbin is a Cambodian sarong of sorts. Historically recorded in the bas-reliefs of many temples, the Kbin used ... Read More.

International Children's Day -...

June 1st saw the commemoration of this international holiday. With so many public holidays, it can become overwhelming to differentiate between them all, to ascertain their significance and their role... Read More.


Phnom Prosethi is actually comprised of two hills, a western and eastern. Upon both these mounts are two distinct temples. With close proximity to Phnom Penh and the nearby Phnom Reab, this proves to ... Read More.

Our Daily Bread

The wooden building at the end of the alleyway gives no indication of usage. The only signage is the stenciled name, on the stacks of baskets piled in front of the dark entrance. In bold red lettering... Read More.

What's New

Korean Telecom Giant Arrives The South Korean Telecom giant, SK Telecoms, is preparing to enter the country. Whilst having already established itself in Vietnam they are expanding within Indochina. ... Read More.

Khmer Whrestling

This was the first time that an official Khmer traditional wrestling championship had been held under the support of MoEYS. This first in wrestling history was held by the Cambodia Amateur Wrestling F... Read More.

To Cup or To Coin

Whilst attempting to utilize the naturally occurring medicines within the country, once in a while more proactive measures are needed. These take the form of a variety of medical techniques from the s... Read More.

Thanking The Buffalo

Bang Sakol is a Buddhist ceremony that is celebrated as an act of gratitude and merit making. Traditionally, people always honor the oldest buffalo in their village. They do not kill it for food but t... Read More.


  The kingdom is gearing up for 2003 - why? Two events of international significance: The Asean Tourism Forum (ATF) and Visit Cambodia Year 2003.   The ATF is the most important regional ... Read More.

Investing InThe Future

Thirty research practitioners attended the Workshop on Child Labor in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, from Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mongolia, Thailand, and Viet Nam. The event was h... Read More.

Phrase Of The Month

Sustainable Tourism Development Many national governments have adopted sustainability as their fundamental development policy. The WTO (World Tourism Organization) has adopted the tourism planning an... Read More.

Legend Of Phnom Senharn

In the province of Kampot, there is a mountain known as Phnom Senharn. It is located on the west of the Angkor Chey Pagoda in Angkor Chey commune, Angkor Chey district--a former part of the Banteay Me... Read More.

Psychological Problem

Many moons ago, a strange thing happened. There was a man called Colin who was very, very depressed. For weeks he could think of nothing but doom and gloom. He was unable to work and his employer wa... Read More.