Volume 2 No.8: (August, 2002)
Khmer Traditional Wrestling Re...

Traditional wrestling is a popular activity in most regions throughout Cambodia. It is seen not only as a competitive sport, but also as a way to exercise and a chance to entertain in the ceremonies o... Read More.

Primate Dancing

The word for monkey in Khmer is Sva. Since the beginnings of Khmer civilization the monkey dance and performance have held important significance. The depictions are from the Ream Ke (the Khmer versio... Read More.

All The World's A Stage

Lakhon Bassac, Lakhon Yike and Lakhon Niyeai drama are the three popular forms of Khmer musical theatre. "Lakhon" itself is translated as "theatre." Each dramatic style was almost decimated by the mas... Read More.

Chol Mlobb - Daughter Educatin...

Chol Mlobb is a rite of passage and means to enter the shadow (Chol means enter and Mlobb refers to the shadow). This ceremony is only celebrated for the daughter of the family. There are two main aim... Read More.

Thirteen Green Bottles

During the communist rule of the eighties, against a backdrop of turmoil and conflict, ten people came together to start anew. Their common goal was the establishment of a glass factory. More specific... Read More.

Information Exchange

September 8th marks World Literacy Day. The old adage of knowledge being power is no more apparent than within the kingdom. It is in the oldest province, dubbed the cradle of Khmer civilization, in wh... Read More.

Painter Of The Gods

To visualize the gods is something one would associate with the goal of an esoteric practitioner, however it is all in a days work for this 27 year-old. Ouk Chisen is a pagoda painter. To be precise, ... Read More.

Legend Of Trapaing Boeung Te

Trapaing Boeung Te (Te Teuk Phoh) is located in the Sangkersartorb commune of Thporng district in Kampong Speu province. To get there from Kampong Speu town, Chba district, as you head away from Phnom... Read More.

What's New

Surviving The Peace Two To commemorate ten years of service within Cambodia, Mines Advisory Group (MAG) are putting on a photography exhibition. The photographs will be by their highly acclaimed info... Read More.


In a province more famed for it's pepper and it's durian, there is a surprise. Sedimentary rock, in the form of limestone, is found in large areas. This is not something new, as is testified to by the... Read More.

Contemporary Khmer Obscures Or...

All over the world, each nation always has their own spoken language. Each phrase of any spoken language always has differing meanings to emphasize. This has been the crux of linguistic philosophy and... Read More.

Phrase Of The Month

TOURIST FACILITY QUALITY STANDARDS Quality tourism results in a high level of tourist satisfaction and at the same time, protects the environment and culture of an area. Today's tourists are becoming... Read More.

19th Century Monkey Caught For...

It was at the turn of the nineteenth century that a bizarre turn of events unfolded. In the northern part of England, where the winters are cold and long, the French were attempting to invade England.... Read More.