Volume 2 No.9: (September, 2002)
The Cambodian Craft Of Mask Ma...

To don a mask, is to change characters: the art of masquerade. To make a mask, is to create a character: the art of genesis. This concept certainly did not escape the attention of the ancient Khmer pe... Read More.

The Body Language Of Buddha

The plethora of different stances, gestures and positions that Buddha is depicted in, are a confusing cornucopia. To facilitate understanding, here is a brief outline of the eight most common depictio... Read More.

Cambodian Percussion

SKOR is the Khmer word for drum. For centuries this has been an important musical instrument. It is often used during ceremonies and celebrations. The importance of the drum is evident, ironically, in... Read More.

Pithi Sen Prein Me-Ba or Chah ...

When staring in the face of adversity religious people will often invoke the name of their god. For example, a Buddhist would say "Buddha, Buddha!" whereas a Muslim would say "Allah, Allah!" These wor... Read More.

The History Of Literacy In CAM...

Education is very important in human resource training. To encourage only Formal Education essentially means not being able to achieve the goal of education for all. The Council of Ministers has, in t... Read More.

Craft Work

Silver has for centuries been a valued commodity, its value only being matched by the level of artisanship necessary to craft items from a material so precious. Khmer silver has a long history as one ... Read More.

Phnom Ta Mao Zoological

The keeping of animals in zoos has been a common practise for centuries. It is only now, when our understanding of the balance of nature increases, that we are aware of the important role zoos can pla... Read More.

What's New

LE LIZARD BLUE: This charismatic venue is a mixture of traditional and contemporary art and design. It offers the best of both and with a splash of French style. Situated on the highly fashionable st... Read More.

Legends Of Prasat Ta Prohm and...

Prasat Ta Prohm is located some 32 kilometres from Phnom Penh along National Route No. 2 in Kramng Thnorng commune, Bati district, Takeo province. Following the sign, turn right and after about two ki... Read More.


Please note that due to 2003 being Visit Cambodia Year, each Phrase of the Month will be focused on the tourism sector. This is part of a nationwide preparation to welcome in excess of one million vis... Read More.

True Tales From 1991

They say that the truth is often stranger than fiction. It would seem that there have been many examples of this throughout modern times. Some are more memorable than others. Here is a selection of t... Read More.