Volume 3 No.1: (January, 2003)
Kaur Chouk - The Tradition of ...

Cambodia recently has made great strides to abandon its past economic turmoil and to achieve political stability. But it is not the economy or the government that mark the changing state of the nation... Read More.

The Antiquated Ox Cart

To distant observers, the ox cart may appear to be an antiquated means of transportation, but to rural Cambodian farmers, the cart can make a difference between life and death. Particularly during the... Read More.

Social Issues - AFESIP

The lucrative nature of Cambodia's human trafficking industry has threatened to conquer Mr. Pierre Legros and Mrs. Samaly Mam's quest to free women from a life of sexual servitude. But the couple, fou... Read More.

The Music Maker

The banging sounds "Pang, pang, pang," are as piercing as the fiery red sparks shooting from the hammer of Im Bun Theoun, one of Cambodia's premier instrument makers. A young girl sits beside him in t... Read More.

Nom Banchok-The khmer Noodle W...

Many people enjoy eating Khmer noodles as much as they like taking an evening stroll. In that case, sitting down for dinner in Phnom Penh may feel as comfortable as slipping on a pair of walking shoes... Read More.

Cambodian Spirit - Enterpreneu...

When pedestrians hit Phnom Penh's crowded streets, they must be prepared to dodge noodle vendors, fruit sellers, sunglass hawkers, and moto drivers. Independent entrepreneurs are a common sight throug... Read More.

Phnom Chiso

On National Road Two, one can travel about 78 dusty kilometers from the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh to stumble upon the hill of Phnom Chiso in Takeo province. Sitting atop the eastern side of this... Read More.

The Beauty & The Pain Of Cambo...

She was only 10 years and had been rescued the day before we visited the AFESIP (Agir Pour Les Femmes en Situation Precaire), a safe haven for young women and girls who are trafficked and are then sol... Read More.

SOROPTIMIST - Awareness, Advoc...

Why are thousands of women in 123 countries Soroptimists? The answer is that collectively as members of Soroptimist International they can achieve a better way of life for women and their families in ... Read More.

Legend Of Preah Ko and Preah K...

Once upon a time, a husband and his wife lived in a village. One day, the wife dreamed she was wearing a diamond ring that made her disappear. The wife asked her husband to visit a fortuneteller to in... Read More.


Catering forged ahead and continues to grow both in dollars and its share of the food service industry. Changes in the business, including mobile kitchens, box lunches, and growth of supermarket cater... Read More.

True Beauty

"Can I see my baby?" the happy new mother asked. When the bundle was nestled in her arms and she moved the fold of cloth to look upon his tiny face, she gasped. The doctor turned quickly and looked ou... Read More.