Volume 3 No.3: (May, 2003)
Natural Salt of Cambodia

Salt workers are accustomed to braving the burning rays of the sun. While it is their job that makes them slaves to the heat, it is the job's locale that offers relief. Toasty toes may be dipped in th... Read More.

The Khmer Flute

Music warms the heart and lifts the spirit. In the Cambodian countryside, the strains of Khmer melodies can be heard as people hum, whistle and sing while working in the rice paddies. The powerful nat... Read More.

Sach Krark - Khmer Sausage

Hungry travelers rambling down National Road Number 3 will be happy to see rows of beef sausage hanging in storefront windows like wet clothes out to dry. About 20 km outside of Phnom Penh, on a road ... Read More.

Khmer Script Evolved

Only the people who live to tell it can report the true story of a country's past. But with the passage of time, oral histories fade into legend, leaving behind more questions than written accounts. ... Read More.

Limbs For Life

Land mine victims around the world globe are applauding the work of Soroptimist International, an assistance program working to support the development of less fortunate people across the globe. A fun... Read More.

Cultural Day Celebrated

Members of the Ministry of Culture gathered at the Chaktomuk Conference Hall last month to celebrate the country's Fifth National Cultural Day. Noting that culture and development are not mutually exc... Read More.

Koh Takiev & Koh Russei

The pulse of life has two beats. One is work. The other is play. A slave to either the former or the latter is a stranger to the state of balance. A friend to both beats walks to the rhythm of a life ... Read More.

Khmer Delicacies

A typical Cambodian meal normally consists of soup, salad, a main fish dish, vegetables and rice. Cambodian dessert, normally made of fresh fruit and sticky rice, complements the main courses. Num Cha... Read More.

What's Up

Celebrations of the Khmer New Year emptied Phnom Penh's streets as families traveled to the provinces to commemorate the holiday in their homelands. But students in the capital city worked hard to pai... Read More.

Japan Lends A Hand

During the rainy season, Phnom Penh might be mistaken for the lost city of Atlantis - Wet. Struck by heavy showers, improvements made to Cambodia's capital city during the dry season are often washed ... Read More.

Impact of Visitor Expenditures...

The money tourisms spend in a community is the benefit which people probably recognize most readily. Other benefits might include improved recreation facilities, expanded cultural and social opportuni... Read More.

What The Doctor Says

It is not guns and bombs that are worrying people from Asia to Canada. It is the unseen severe acute respiratory syndrome that has killed more than 200 people and continues to infect thousands of othe... Read More.

Words of the Wise

"The Necessary Angel" (By Wallace Stevens) The acute intelligence of the imagination, the illimitable resources of its memory, its power to possess the moment it perceives - if we were speaking of l... Read More.