What's Up
By: Staff Writer ( December, 2002 Volume 2 No.12 )

Miss Universe To Visit Cambodia:

Miss Justine Pasek, reigning Miss Universe will visit Cambodia from 13-16 December 2002 and will spend her first day of visit in Siem Reap to see the Angkor Wat. On 23 September 2002, the 22 year-old beauty from Panama went down in history as the first woman in 52 years to assume the prestigious title of Miss Universe after a Reigning Titleholder was ousted. Miss Justine Pasek ascended to the title to serve the remaining nine months of the reign after Miss Russia, Oxana Fedorova was dismissed for breach of contract because she had failed to fulfill the duties required of the title. The Miss Universe crown comes with a large array of responsibilities including, but not limited to, extensive international travel as a goodwill ambassador in the fight against HIV/AIDS, the official cause of MISS UNIVERSE. In Cambodia, Miss Universe will visit the Cambodian Red Cross

More Ancient Artifact Found:

Defying an official order from the Ministry of Culture and the provincial Department of Religion to stop digging into the grounds after some 32 pieces of gold, silver and copper statues of the Buddha were discovered some times back, builders are continuing to unearth more artifacts at the Batay district site in Kampong Thom. Recently, two stone nagas (mythical dragons) and an ancient footrest believed to be that placed before the throne of an ancient king were discovered at the same site as workers continue working on the foundation to build a temple. Authorities are optimistic that more about the past can be learned from the site and are anxious to stop the workers from digging further.

Handicap Meet :

About 200 handicapped Cambodian men and women will participate in various forms of sports at the old stadium here in Phnom Penh on 3rd December 2002 to celebrate International Handicap Day. Competitive sports have proved to be an effective vehicle to promote equality, accessibility, inclusion and awareness about the capabilities of those with physical disability. Through competitive sports, the age-old stigma surrounding disability is dispelled. The first Paralympic Games were held in Rome, Italy in 1960. Some four hundred athletes from 23 countries participated. Since their humble beginnings, the Paralympics have blossomed and grown in size and complexity to become part and parcel of The Olympic Games. The Paralympics compete in the same venue and city as The Olympics. The Paralympic games have been held every Olympic year since 1960, in the city or country hosting the Olympic Games. In 1988, the Seoul Olympic Organizing Committee organized the Paralympics in the Olympic venues two weeks after the Olympic Games. Barcelona and Lillehammer followed suit hosting the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games respectively in a similar time frame. The 1996 Paralympics in Atlanta hosted their competition and festivities 10 days after the Centennial Olympic Games concluded, and it was hailed the second largest sporting event in the world and the largest Paralympic Games to date. It had over 3,500 athletes and support staff from 104 countries competing in 17 full medal plus 2 exhibition events. An estimated 1,500 officials with 11,344 volunteers and 2,088 media members supported that event in which President Bill Clinton served as Honorary Chairman for the Games.

Cultural Shows:

Sovanna Phum is staging the following shows at No. 111A, Street 360 (Corner St 105), Boeung Kang Kong III in Phnom Penh:
Friday 06 December 02 = Classical and Folk Dance - Entrance fee $5.
Friday 13 December 02 = Shadow Theatre Show - Entrance fee $4
Friday 20 December 02 = Classical and Folk Dance - Entrance fee $5
Friday 27 December 02 = Shadow Theatre Show - Entrance fee $4
The performances will begin at 7:30pm and guests are requested to be seated at least 10 minutes before the show. Enquiries can be made by calling Tel: 012 846020 or 012 857437 or by email: art@sovannaphum.com

New Khmer Newspaper:

A new Khmer language newspaper will hit the streets on 2nd December 2002. Published by Cambodia Property Limited (CPL), the newspaper will have a circulation of 5000 copies under the name of KAMPUCHEA THMEY DAILY. Marketing Manager Mr. Lan Sinnara is confident that the newspaper will be very well received. The price will be 700riels per copy like all the other Khmer newspapers on the market. "If all goes well, we will reduce the price so that more people can get to enjoy our publication comfortably," Lan said.